Find the perfect audit solution for your protocol.

As the first decentralized auditing platform with on-chain validation, Hyacinth is the ideal solution for any protocol looking to improve their security. Protocols of any size and budget can find their perfect audit solution.

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Why use Hyacinth for your audit?

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At Hyacinth, audits are always done on your timeline. You get to pick your deadline, assuring there will be no delay

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Protocols choose their bounty price so they are never overcharged

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Higher Quality

Auditors at Hyacinth are some of the best in the industry. You can review the auditors’ history so you know exactly who you are working with.

So... How does Hyacinth work?

Protocol mints NFT, deposits & posts bounty
Qualified auditors send request to interview for bounty
Protocols interview all interested auditors and pick up to 2 to complete the audit
Audit begins (on-chain/off-chain)
Auditors review code and submit an audit report. Protocols fix any found errors or vulnerabilities
Calendar illustrationAudit is completed, bounty is paid out.
The protocol leaves the auditor feedback on-chain

The first on-chain peer-to-peer auditing platform

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Calendar illustrationInspire consumer confidence by receiving your audit on-chain and having your code locked during your audit.
Calendar illustrationCode is locked during the audit; the contract being audited can’t be interacted with, protecting retail funds in case a vulnerability has yet to be discovered
Calendar illustrationCode is locked after the audit; the contract can’t be upgraded, removing a significant attack vector and ensuring that the code in the audit report exactly matches the deployed code

Want to submit your own code for an audit?

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